Fourth of July of July, Independence Day
Add meaning, fun, and variety to your Fourth of July celebration.

Fourth of July Site Features

To Parents of Younger Children: Kids Corner contains activities especially useful for children ages 5 through 8, but you can also involve them in other features. Show them the holiday symbols, talk about the holiday heroes, and read the simpler version of the story of the holiday out loud to them. If they are ready to read themselves, you can even give them a part to play in Around the Table or Holiday Theater.
Appealing to Americans of all ages, the site’s features include:

The Story. The illustrated story behind American independence, with different reading levels and even a slide show and coloring book.

Around the Table. Ways for families to celebrate the Fourth: decorations and food that kids can prepare and a meaningful read-around activity for a Fourth of July meal.

Fun, Games, and Trivia. For home or school.

Holiday Theater. Short plays to perform, songs to sing, and even movie suggestions to make your celebration lively.

Arts and Crafts. Hands-on projects, many suitable for younger children.

Holiday Heroes. Profiles, fascinating facts, the words, and timelines of the lives of Americans who worked to create our nation.

Documents. Explanations and analyses of the words of the Declaration of Independence. 

Symbols. Explanations of patriotic American images that help define the holiday.

Ideals and Realities. Questions and answers to explore the holiday more deeply.

Share Your Celebration. Tell others about your memories, ideas, and suggestions about celebrating the holiday.

Kids Corner. Links to the many games, crafts, stories, and activities on the site that children age 5 to 8 can enjoy.

The Fourth of July site is provided by a generous grant from Dr. Jan Lipson.