Deliberation Lessons

Deliberation Procedures: A Guide to Deliberation in the Classroom | Topics and Deliberation Questions | Handouts 1–3
3D's: Debate, Discussion, and Deliberation: This brief lesson plan outlines an activity using a simple visual chart to explain the differences between debate, discussion, and deliberation.
000001651015xsmallCorruption and Judicial Independence

Should our democracy elect judges?


Should our democracy allow schools to punish students for off-campus cyberbullying?

0605townhallDirect Democracy

Should our democracy allow national referendums?

domesticviolence2Domestic Violence

Should our democracy require health care providers to report domestic abuse to the police?


Should our democracy permit the cultivation of genetically modified foods?

loportFree Trade

Should our democracy participate in free trade agreements?

000017565235xsmallFreedom of Expression

Should our democracy block Internet content to protect national security?

dreamstime_xs_1342035wbJuvenile Justice

In our democracy, should violent juvenile offenders be punished as adults?


In our democracy, should legal foreign workers have the same labor rights as citizens?

votebuttonsMinimum Voting Age

Should our democracy lower the voting age to 16?

000016492579smallNational Service

Should all citizens in our democracy participate in one year of mandatory national service?

dreamstime_s_19023908wbPublic Demonstrations

Should our democracy have the power to prohibit unauthorized public demonstrations?

00000380844Public Health

Should our democracy require schools to provide sex education programs that include contraceptive education?

powerplantState-Owned Enterprises

Should our democracy own and manage companies in key industries?


Should voting be compulsory in our democracy?